Smart Pups places its first Seizure Response Dog

Seizure Response Dogs are trained to stay with their
owner should they have a seizure and on command ‘get help’ and assist in
recovery. Some dogs are able to alert to an oncoming seizure, allowing their
owner to get in a safe position.

Smart Pups Seizure Response Dog, Kruiser has been placed with Heather and her daughter Karla, who is 7 years old.

Heather wrote to Smart Pups asking for a seizure response
dog as her seizures were getting so frequent she didn’t like leaving the house. Heather’s doctor was fully on board with the idea as her medication just wasn’t working any more. The possibility of having a seizure in public without help at hand was daunting and Heather no longer felt comfortable or safe going out on her own. Something had to been done for Heather to help her to live a more normal life.

That’s where Kruiser comes in. With Kruiser by Heather’s
side her confidence soars when she is out in public and with her stress levels reduced,
it is hoped that this will decrease her seizures. Kruiser goes everywhere with
Heather: to the University with Heather, Karla’s school and to shops, on public
transport and restaurants.

If Heather has a seizure Kruiser has been trained to lay
with her, lick and nudge her, until she comes around.  Heather can then use Kruiser as an anchor to
help steady herself or she can command Kruiser to ‘get help’, and he will go
and touch someone to ask for help her.

But Kruiser is no ordinary seizure dog. Kruiser is one of
the special few who can sense and react to an oncoming seizure.

Heather says: “Kruiser is now out of the crate and sleeps on his bed in my room and even wakes me up after my night seizures. He has taken to sleeping on the floor by the bed some of the night. He’s become my shadow and goes everywhere with me.  Recently when I was unwell, Kruiser was there for me, helped me up, walked slowly for me to balance and got help even without me asking.  When I need him most he is there to help. He knows.”

Kruiser is doing an amazing job looking after Heather and Karla. With your help we can have many more Smart Pups just like him.

St George Foundation Grant

It is with great pleasure that we announce that the St
George Foundation has approved a grant for the Purchase and            Sponsorship of a new puppy. This puppies name is ‘Shine’.

This grant enables us to purchase a new puppy but also covers the cost of vet checks, desexing, flea & heartworm prevention and food for her 14 month training period.

Shine is a Golden Retriever puppy and very cute. She is
doing a fantastic job so far with her training.

Smart Pups would like to say a great big thank you to the St
George Foundation for their generous gift. It’s with help from organisations
like them that we can continue to help and support families with children with disabilities.

A testament to Patricia McAlisters Expertise

New legislation ensures that every person who relies on a guide, hearing or assistance dog has the same access rights as others to public places and public passenger vehicles. This includes cafes, restaurants, pubs, clubs, sports venues, taxis and buses.

Dogs certified under the new legislation can now access most public places and passenger vehicles. They will be easily recognised by the badge on their coat or harness. Significant penalties apply to individuals and corporations for breaches of the Act.

A Public Access Test (PAT) has to be performed to establish the following:
• safe and effective in a public place or public passenger vehicle; and
• able to be controlled by the handler of the dog.

The PAT can only be conducted by an approved trainer or an employee trainer of an approved training institution approved under the Act.

In order for a prospective handler to be issued with a Handler Identity Card, their dog must pass a PAT within seven (7) days of the dog being certified.

Our very own Smart Pups trainer, Patricia McAlister, being one of only four individuals in Australia qualified to do this, will be flown down to Sydney by the Queensland Government in August to assess another individual wishing to become accredited. This is a testament to Patricia’s expertise and experience.

Hello world! We are Smart Pups Autism Assistance Dogs

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