Mobile Phone Recycling

Mobile Phone Recycling

Qantas Airline are supporting Kate and Koopa with Mobile Phone Recycling.

$23,793.00 donated
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Our biggest supporter is Qantas Airlines at Brisbane Domestic and International terminals.

Kate and Koopa started collecting old mobile phones when Kate finished school in 2013. “We wanted Kate to have a post school activity that would help her and Koopa to be able to access the community and contribute in a positive way”, Heather said.

It was a no brainer that Smart Pups Assistance Dogs would be their charity of choice.

Kate has a genetic disorder Rett Syndrome and also Epilepsy, and she wanted to help raise money for Smart Pups Assistance Dogs so other children like herself could have their “best friend” too. “Koopa has made such an impact on her life and she wants to help other Rett girls get assistance,” Heather said.”We got Koopa in November 2012 and he’s always with her. “If she’s upset, he sits with her and he lies by her bed while she sleeps. “If she drops the cloth she carries, he’ll pick it up for her and if she has a seizure, he’ll alert us.

Kate and Koopa go out with a Support workers and collect the devices and then take them to Mobile Etc. down at Logan Central.

We are always looking for businesses to come onboard as donators’ and also as safe collection centres. We collect not only old and broken mobile phones but old lap tops, iPads, iPods, and Wi-Fi dongles

Kate and Heather are asking local organisations, businesses and schools to act as drop-off points for the phones.

Currently, the devices can be dropped off at the Smart Pups Charity Shop in Cooroy but Heather would like more locations available, “Our dream is to have collection points in every State, the more devices we can collect the more puppies can be trained for kid across Australia!”

Mobile Phones and mobile batteries cannot be recycled in your council recycling bins. So get involved with a program that will help to protect our environment and raise much needed funds for Smart Pups Assistance Dogs.

Heather said the phones were sold to a phone recycler in Loganlea, where they were emptied of all data, and refurbished for resale or used for spare parts, with the money donated to Smart Pups.

“We need phones plus organisations and businesses to be drop-off points for them. “Our dream is to have collection points in every State, the more devices we can collect the more puppies can be trained for kid across Australia!”

For information about donating your old mobile phones, or acting as a collection point for phones, call Heather on 0403 993 181 or email her at

Check out what happens to the phone here

Sharni Pinder

Every donation adds up to make a big difference! Your ongoing support goes towards training each Assistance Dog for a child with special needs. You are part of an incredible community of loyal supporters, who together help to make great things possible from what are often small beginnings. Thank you for your donation! All donations over $2 are tax deductible. Thank you for your suppawt.

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