Smart Pup for Hayley (1421)

Smart Pup for Hayley (1421)

Hayley is 10 years old. She is beautiful and creative and loves to dance. Hayley has autism and a high level of anxiety. Despite this and her medical conditions; anaphylaxis, bladder issues, eczema & seasonal allergies, Hayley approaches the world with goodwill and determination.
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Hayley’s primary disability – Autism, affects her in some of the following ways:
• She finds her own feelings can be overwhelming
• Sights and sounds and emotions are hard for her to manage
• Hayley struggles to understand communication and communicate with others
• Hayley lives with constant high anxiety and because of this she will sometimes withdraw from the world, but she may also have an extreme meltdown and talk about self-harm or engage in self-harming behaviours
• Hayley can get angry and frustrated by the world, her struggles can be overwhelming and at those times she blames herself and expresses a high level of self-hatred
• Hayley wants to be like other kids, but she struggles with social situations and friendships are difficult for her.

Hayley comes from a complex family. She has a brother and a sister each with a disability, so her parent’s attention is often divided.
Having a Smart Pup would be life-changing for Hayley. Her whole family is excited and wants to help.
Hayley needs lots of encouragement and support to deal with all the challenges life has given her. A Smart Pup is the ideal companion. A Smart Pup will help Hayley to feel part of the world. She will have comfort and support when she needs it, and the Smart Pup will help Hayley to increase her independence.
Below are just some of the benefits the Smart Pup will have for Hayley:
• It will increase her confidence and help her socialize
• Regular exercise with her Smart Pup will help increase her muscle tone & balance
• Her Smart Pup will reduce her anxiety so Hayley will be better able to focus, have confidence to ask questions when needed, and increase her mental health and overall wellbeing
• Hayley will be able to form a special bond with her Smart Pup and this will help to combat her feelings of isolation & fear and help her be more independent from her mum
• Her Smart Pup will reduce her sensory & emotional overload so Hayley will feel better about herself and have fewer meltdowns.
• A Smart Pup will assist her when necessary and help to keep her safe

Hayley has many challenges that make her day to day life a struggle. There is no greater joy than when her anxiety has melted away. On these rare occasions, when she is comfortable in her own skin, when a smile lights her face with happiness and we see the real Hayley, we know that everything we go through for her is worth it.
A Smart Pup for Hayley means the world will see that beautiful smile more and more often. Then Hayley will be able to take her place in the world be the person we know she really wants to be.

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