Family Fundraising Campaigns

Help support our families on their fundraising journey.
  1. Smart Pup for Eli (202401)

    Autism, ADHD, anxiety, learning impairment and genetic disorder affect me daily.

    We are raising funds to upgrade my weighted puppy, ‘Charlie’, to my new “best friend” to assist me to live life as best I can.

    I love cricket, rugby, my iPad and my old “best friend” Rufus (the dog).
    I don’t like specialist appointments, and not knowing how to feel, act or what to say, so I get frustrated and often want to go home where I feel safe.

    $1,700.00 donated of $20,000.00 goal
  2. Smart Pup for Elijah (202401)

    Elijah is a happy, loving, caring and cheeky young boy. He has been diagnosed with Autism level 3, GDD, nonverbal and intellectual disability. Elijah brightens the room with his up beat personality, his infectious smile and his quirkiness. Elijah loves his family, especially his baby sister Aubree. He loves dancing, painting, jumping and some down time to watch his favourite shows.
    Elijah is our quirky, happy little miracle that has such a beautiful outlook on life.

    $575.00 donated of $20,000.00 goal
  3. Smart Pup for Imogen (182212)

    Imogen is a 10-year old living with Phelan-McDermid Syndrome; this infiltrates every aspect of her life, requiring her to have 24 hour care every day for the rest of her life.

    $400.00 donated of $20,000.00 goal
  4. SmartPup for Jarli (174216)

    Jarli is a beautiful, loving 6-year-old who has been diagnosed with ASD, ADHD and a Moderate Language Disorder – characterised by a severe receptive language disorder, and a moderate expressive language disorder.

    $8,951.95 donated of $20,000.00 goal
  5. SmartPup for Lucca (75215)

    Hi I’m Lucca, I am diagnosed with level 3 autism and I am non-verbal.

    $4,510.20 donated of $20,000.00 goal
  6. SmartPup for Jude (46217)

    Jude is 5 years old and diagnosed as autistic and anxiety disorder.

    $2,245.00 donated of $20,000.00 goal
  7. Smart Pup for Zoë (199215)

    My name is Zoë. I am nearly 7 and love swinging as high as you can push me.

    $0.00 donated of $20,000.00 goal
  8. Smart Pup for Margaret (212219)

    Margaret is a 3-year-old autistic munchkin with the biggest smile. I dare you not to fall in love with her within minutes of catching her gaze.

    $17,214.00 donated of $20,000.00 goal
  9. Smartpup for Malia (35214)

    I am 8 years old and I have ASD 2, ADHD and social anxiety disorder with selective mutism.

    $3,530.00 donated of $20,000.00 goal
  10. Smart Pup fo Luka (912214)

    Hello, I am Luka, I am 6 years old. I love Star Wars, LEGO, drawing, animals, my best friend- my old dog, “Bear”, and the Zoo.

    $3,550.00 donated of $20,000.00 goal
  11. Smart Pup for Ben (21228)

    We are raising funds for a “Best friend for Ben”. Ben is 13 years old and has autism.

    $11,805.00 donated of $20,000.00 goal
  12. Smart Pup for Kai (277212)

    I’m Kai, I am 8yrs old and I have Autism, major anxiety and sensory processing disorder.

    $2,369.00 donated of $20,000.00 goal
  13. Smart Pup for Sophia (28722)

    Soph is 19. Soph absolutely loves dogs, as well as ice cream and music. Soph has autism and sensory processing disorder.

    $885.00 donated of $20,000.00 goal
  14. Smart Pup for Chloe

    Chloe was formally diagnosed with Autism and GDD in 2018 but I could see the daily struggles she faced at age 3. I have lost count of how many doctors, specialists, therapists and Pediatrician appointments Chloe has had to sit through, not knowing why or how to feel. Her journey has had many ups and downs, Happy and sad times.

    $595.00 donated of $20,000.00 goal
  15. Smart Pup for Nariah-Rosie

    Nariah-Rosie is 8. She is my Granddaughter, a child whom was born with FASD which is Brain Impairment, Sensory Process difficulties. She also has ADHD( Inattentive) Hearing, Respiratory, Low Immune System/ Sever Rhino Allergies, Obstructive Sleep Apnoea, ASD, Receptive Delay, Anxiety, Depression, Selective Mutism, Intellectual Disability, Fatigue & Sleep Disorder and server acceleration growth. She has Nocturnal Enuresis (No natural Biological Clock.)

    $3,195.00 donated of $20,000.00 goal
  16. Smart Pup for Nin

    Maliyah is happy, loving and cheeky. She always brightens the room with her big smile, unique laugh and sneaky demands. Nin is grateful for her family, church, music, swimming and anyone that she can drag into her room to turn her favourite TV show on. One of Nin’s best tricks is getting what she wants from people without words. She is our amazing little walking miracle.

    $15,150.00 donated of $20,000.00 goal
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