Family Fundraising Campaigns

Help support our families on their fundraising journey.
  1. Jacob’s Smart Pup

    Jacob is 7 years old and lives on the Sunshine Coast. Jacob has been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, and we are currently undergoing diagnosis of an intellectual impairment.
    $100.00 donated of $20,000.00 goal
  2. Sophia’s Smart Pup

    Sophia was diagnosed with level 2 ASD, ADHD and SPD after a long year of specialist’s appointments. If you can find space in your hearts and notes in your wallet to donate we would be forever thankful.
    $180.00 donated of $20,000.00 goal
  3. Riley’s Smart Pup

    We as a family are trying to fundraise for a Smart Pup Autism Assistance dog for our son Riley. Riley is 7 years of age. He has been diagnosed with Level 3 Autism Spectrum Disorder amongst other medical diagnosis's. Riley's Autism is having a big impact on his life. He struggles everyday from the simple tasks like putting his clothes on to bigger tasks like leaving home and going out into social situations. We have had to cancel/missed many appointments as he has got himself that worked up when trying to leave the house. These appointments are important for Riley’s ongoing therapy to learn how to cope with his diagnosis and to give him a better quality of living.
    $18,950.00 donated of $20,000.00 goal
  4. Lara’s Smart Pup

    We are generally very private people, but we need help to raise funds for a Smart Pup, assistance dog, for our daughter, 14. If you can help us out, no matter how much or how little, that would be greatly appreciated.
    $640.00 donated of $20,000.00 goal
  5. Carter’s Smart Pup

    Our hope is that an assistance dog would be able to help make Carter's life a little easier. Whether it be acting as a anchor if Carter tries to run or helping provide deep pressure when Carter gets overwhelmed in public situations or at home.
    $800.00 donated of $20,000.00 goal
  6. Lachlan’s Smart Pup

    Lachlan is a fun loving boy with an all or nothing personality but every day tasks are a struggle for him and we spend most of our days helping Lachlan cope with everyday tasks and sounds attempting to help him cope with his sensory meltdowns from the loud noises that life brings when out in our community and the sensory meltdowns and sheer frustration he experiences as a result of his inability to communicate his needs effectively .
    $30.00 donated of $20,000.00 goal
  7. Malachi’s Smart Pups

    Malachi is a 7 year old boy who loves all things Star Wars, Pokémon and Dinosaurs Malachi was diagnosed with Autism at age 4 and severe life threatening Asthma. Life for Malachi has become full of appointments, Hospital and ICU admissions. This does not leave much quality time to spend as a family With his dad three younger sisters aged 6, 4 and 3 and myself.
    $4,970.00 donated
  8. Sammuel’s Smart Pup

    Sammuel is 13 and diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, he is very smart, greatly loved by his family and has the most beautiful heart. He is the kindest boy you could ever meet. However, Sammuel has been impacted by his autism in many ways. He struggles with communication, anxiety and social situations.
    $20.00 donated of $20,000.00 goal
  9. Ryan’s Smart Pup

    Ryan is nearly 3 years old and has been diagnosed with Autism amongst other medical diagnosis's.
    $20,000.00 donated of $20,000.00 goal
  10. Sebastian’s Smart Pup

    We as a family are fundraising for a Smart Pup Autism Assistance Mobility Dog for Sebastian. This Assistance Dog will be trained to help Sebastian gain independence and confidence, keep him safe. Alert him and others and provide him with emotional and physical support.
    $1,580.00 donated of $20,000.00 goal
  11. Isaac’s Smart Pup

    Isaac is a 10 year old boy, with a huge heart, he has so much love for his family & our cat Oscar. Isaac was diagnosed with Autism, ADHD, sensory processing disorder, intellectual impairment & separation anxiety disorder when he was just over 5 yrs old
    $360.00 donated of $20,000.00 goal
  12. Mitchel’s Smart Pup

    Its hard living with Autism. Not just daily living is affected but having to cope on your own. The feeling of isolation is not just a feeling, it's reality.
    $5.00 donated
  13. Alexis’s Smart Pup

    Alexis was diagnosed with Level 2 Autism Spectrum Disorder the same week as she turned 9 years old. When Alexis was 7 years old, she began withdrawing from people and finding school very hard to cope with.
    $3,210.00 donated of $20,000.00 goal
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