Akira and Jagger


In Akira’s world, she doesn’t speak and society is too loud and busy for her. Akira has Syngap1 genetic disorder. Some people lack patience and tolerance. But, it doesn’t matter anymore because Akira has developed her own language with Jagger, her beloved Autism Assistance Dog.

Akira’s epileptic seizures scare her but Jagger is always there to provide comfort, love and affection. Akira giggles uncontrollably when Jagger licks her face.

Jagger has changed all of our lives. We can go out in public and we don’t have to explain to people why Akira is different. People see Jagger and understand that he is Akira’s link to the outside world. He makes her quality of life exceptional whereas before it was just bearable.

Thank you Smart Pups and Big Dog Pet Foods.

We are forever grateful.

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