Graduates, Graduates 2020

Beau is a handsome chocolate Labrador who has a calm and methodical manner about him. He does have a bit of cheek and character too. Beau has immaculate home behaviour.

Beau has been trained to aid in assisting his special person in public spaces as well as in home. His tasks consist of Lap (head on lap or legs for comfort), over (laying with his body over legs) for additional pressure. He can offer a Nuzzle or kisses to disrupt or comfort. Beau tends to following his people around and likes to near them.

Beau has displayed sound temperament in a variety of public spaces such as shopping centres, cafes, botanical gardens and public transport. Beau can aid in assisting the development of awareness around road safety.

Beau has a very good use of nose and had potential to aid in a seizure alert role if the need arises as he has a natural tendency for scent work.

Beau also can do a variety of tricks such as high 5, sleep, rollover, shake hands, wave goodbye, speak and nose (fist) pump. He is a beautiful boy who has won many hearts along his training journey.

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