Graduates, Graduates 2020

Comet is a very sweet loyal dog and is loved by all who meet him. He is a gorgeous dog who is affectionate and loving and is always willing to please his handler. Comet is sound across a variety of public spaces and is competent on all forms of public transport. Comet has excellent obedience and is compliant and easily managed on lead.

Comet is very gentle with his meltdown interrupting and loves to lie/lap on his person. He will also provide a very nice over for extra pressure for his person. Comet is also a dab hand at tracking and finding his person should the need arise.

Comet is also very good at his mobility work with fetch being his favourite! Comet is quite skilled across all the tasks and is exceptionally good in the home. Comet knows and loves to do all his tricks with spin being his favourite.

Comet has been a pleasure to train and I have no doubt he will be a fantastic companion and assistant dog. 💖He will be greatly missed!

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