Ella and Harry

Ella and Harry

To help with her autism, six-year old Ella needed a Smart Pup to keep her safe, calm and help her socialise and engage in community. A big soft teddy bear with an easygoing nature, two-year old Harry had 18 months of task-specific training in tracking and tethering, anchoring and lap nuzzling.

Ella and Harry became instant best friends and constant companions. Although Harry is very chilled, he works hard and is always there for Ella. With Harry by her side when she’s out at a café or in the park with her family, she feels safe, calm and relaxed and has the confidence to talk to other children. Having Harry as her Smart Pup has given Ella confidence and helps her socialise. She loves going out because she finds it easier to engage with people and handle situations out of her routine.

Ella is always happy with her buddy Harry by her side and the effect has been life changing. The family enjoy going out together without fear or anxiety and Ella feels safe enough to sleep in her own room most of the time. Harry uses his tracking, behaviour and seizure alerts at least once a day and is not only a best friend and beloved family member but also a huge support in providing invaluable peace of mind.

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