Felicity and Ernie

Felicity and Ernie Felicity and Ernie Felicity and Ernie Felicity and Ernie

Ernie is amazing, more then i ever expected. He has predicted many many seizures saved felicitys life many times by making sure im there. He calms her so well and little tasks like shopping have become achievable were they were a huge problem and induce anxiety pre ernie. Ernie is still a giant goof ball, he loves to have fun and run around like a nutta but loves his work and helping flick more. I will include some recent pictures for you. If you wish to follow flicks fb blog your more then welcome to its “superstar felicity”. I just wanted to let you know he is still learning every day and although at times he does try to test me he is sitting in his pack at home and his Very very happy. I know he didnt have the best of starts to his working life anthor reason why i wish to write and say how happy he is so you can pass it onto those who helped him recover too.

I can not fault jane at all, She is amazing, she answers all my silly questions amd is hugly helpful. You have an amazing program going. Well done you should be very proud of your and all your staffs hard work. If there’s any promotional stuff down here in victoria i can help with please let me know.

THANK YOU for our guardian angel, medically there isnt much the drs can do for felicity, she failed all treatments, but ernie he is a treatment that has worked for her she is more conferdent within her self she is more inderpendent she is learning loves reading to him everyday she is more grounded when post epitic she has a lot less aniexty when coming out of a seizure. Just thank you

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