Kayle and Luna

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Our son Kayle has epilepsy and moderate to severe autism. His seizures usually happen during the night. He had a major one that could have taken his life. We tried all other options, nothing was suitable, his medication was barely covering them. I was contacted by a friend of my cousin who knew about Smart Pups and thought one could benefit Kayle.

The Smart Pup that was trained for Kayle is called Luna. She is quirky, funny, very intelligent, loveable and cheeky and has a personality just like Kayle’s. They are a match made in heaven! However, when she has her service coat on she is professional and smart, doing her job perfectly.

Kayle was kissing Luna’s photo before she arrived but it took a bit of time for him to warm up to her. In the last two months, they have bonded incredibly well. They seek each other out for cuddles and kisses, and have learnt each other’s boundaries.

Kayle is now happier to go out for dinner and to go shopping with Luna by his side. He has been able to do a full shopping trip without his wheelchair. With Luna, he is calm and happy to walk through the supermarket and even wait while Mum gets things off the shelf. That is HUGE for Kayle.

Kayle had a tendency to bite all the skin around his toes until they bleed. I ask Luna to nuzzle and she disrupts his behaviour and licks his toes until he stops biting them.

Luna’s arrival has eased a lot of stress for myself and my partner. We can now sleep at night knowing she is by Kayles side. The kids love Luna too. She is a treasure and brightens everyone’s day.

The Smart Pups journey is a roller-coaster of emotions. It is a very long process and is not be considered lightly. It can and will change your life. No one says it’s easy but I promise it’s totally worth it.

To catch a glimpse of Luna’s journey on her way to helping Kayle, click on the video created by Jarrah Marchio

Video Credit Jarrah Marchio

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