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Koffee is a relaxed and naturally intuitive dog who is happy to be by your side, regardless of whether you are having a good or a bad day. He is a very friendly, loving dog and develops a strong connection to his handler.

Koffee has a particularly good temperament and has cruised through his training with ease. He is relaxed and happy across a variety of public places and spaces as well as is very competent and confident on public transport including bus, train and ferry travel.

Koffee keeps a close eye on his person and will do a regular ‘check in’ via a nose touch/nudge. If he senses you are upset or anxious he will instigate a nuzzle to aid in interrupting that feeling. He will lie next to his handler and make physical contact with you in the form of putting his head on your lap or will lie over you if that extra pressure is required.

Koffee is trained to block and cover his handler and he is very adept at finding a seat if the handler needs to sit down. Koffee smoothly and safely negotiates his way through crowds and will fluently guide his handler to an exit if so required.

Koffee is a pleasure to have in the home and can ‘check a room’ or alert handler if someone is approaching the home. Koffee is also very good at bringing items to your hand if needed (e.g. medications/phone) and can open/close doors and drawers.

Koffee can also do a variety of tricks (high five, sleep, spin, push buttons, speak on command, roll, shake, wave) and has excellent recall and obedience.

Just having Koffee around is a calming influence and he will very quickly become a much loved member of your household.

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