Graduates, Graduates 2020

Kramer is a beautiful large male black Labrador who just exudes so much personality! This gentle giant is looking to be someone’s best friend with his cuddly and intuitive nature. Due to his size he can be a great support for “bracing” helping his child up from the floor, helping navigate guttering and stairs. He just loves being touched!

He is sound with his public access and has frequented shopping centres, coffee shops, playgrounds, school pick up areas, swimming pools, and nature walks. Kramer provides laps, overs for comfort and being there to support and help build confidence with his special person out in public.

Kramer is a high drive dog who loves to work and play with toys but also has a lounge lizard side in home where he likes to lay down next to his family and watch tv. Kramer also loves to show off his tricks which include roll over, high five, wave, spin, and speak.

Kramer has an alert personality and excellent nose which makes him a great human tracking dog.

He can also at times be a little goofy providing everyone with a great laugh but this is a dog who just lives to please his people. 🐾

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