Lachlan and Tim

Lachlan and Tim

Lachlan is a gorgeous eleven-year-old boy who enjoys swimming, jumping on trampolines and collecting balls. Although he is happy in his favourite activities, having autism often causes him high levels of stress and anxiety especially when his routine changes or he finds himself in new or crowded places.

Lachy struggles with communication, learning, anxiety and daily tasks. It has been difficult for him to make social connections and form friendships. Having a Smart Pup offered hope to help Lachy with his stress and fears.

Lachy’s family were extremely grateful to Smart Pups for accepting their application and sending one of their precious pups to join Lachy in WA. Lachy’s new best friend is super sweet, golden retriever, Tim who joins Lachy in his adventures and helps him feel calmer and happier in daily life.

At age 14 months, Tim came to live with Lachy after completing his training as an Autism Assistant Dog. He is trained in disruption, tracking, nuzzling and lap commands.

Tim’s gentle, chilled out nature makes him the perfect companion for Lachy. Lachy was frightened by high energy louder dogs, but Tim’s calm and cuddly personality helped Lachy’s fear of dogs fade and Lachy soon trusted him. Lachy adores walking along with Tim and giving him lots of cuddles. Tim makes Lachy smile and laugh too as he brings him teddy bears in his mouth. Lachy is very lucky to attend a supportive school who welcomes Tim in the classroom so he can also spend time at school with his furry side kick.

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