Graduates, Graduates 2020

Layla is a goofy, energetic yellow Labrador with a whole lot of love to give. She loves companionship and likes to be with her special person. Layla has a soft side, a huge heart and loves to cuddle. She has good obedience and home behaviour. Layla is sound when working in public spaces such as shopping centres, libraries and medical appointments.

Layla is able to give comfort and sensory input by laying her head on her persons lap. If additional sensory pressure would be beneficial Layla is able to lay her body across her persons legs (over). Layla has been taught to Nuzzle which can aid in disrupting meltdowns.

Layla has been trained work alongside the long cane, to stop on stairs or change of incline, road crossings and to work in a straight line – vision assist aspect for her special boy. This in turn can contribute to building confidence with her special person out in public.

Layla is very clever and knows many tricks such as shake, high 5, speak, spin and wave goodbye. While Layla is very interactive and has lots of energy, she will also enjoy just relaxing and being around her special person. She is a very happy dog that makes everyone around her smile.

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