Graduates, Graduates 2020

Lily is enthusiastic about her special people while still having a cheeky side. Lily has very good home behaviour.

Lily has demonstrated sound temperament and confident to work in public spaces. She has a good level of obedience and checks in with her person.

Lily has been trained to stand in front of you (block) on command and also to stand behind you (cover) also on command. These positions can be utilised to aid in the handler feeling more comfortable in public spaces.

Lily has been trained to find a seat (chair) and exits where applicable to assist handler with anxiety. To assist with exiting a building or locating a safe place to sit and work through the episode of anxiety.

Lily walks well at a moderate pace and in a variety of environments. Lily is able to offer comfort through resting her head on legs (lap). If further pressure is required Lily is able to lay her body of handlers legs (over) to also aid in comfort.

Lily is able to perform a few tricks (which she enjoys) and these include: High 5, shake, fist/nose pump, spin and roll over.

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