Graduates, Graduates 2020

Paddy is a goofy, fun loving chocolate Labrador with a whole lot of love to give. Paddy has great enthusiasm for life and a high drive to work in an assistance role. While he is a big tough looking lab on the outside, he is a complete softie on the inside and loves nothing more than cuddling and spending time with his people. He loves to play fetch, can easily entertain himself (and whoever is watching) with toys and loves showing off his tricks. Some of his favourites are shake, high 5, spin, wave and go to sleep.

Paddy’s skill set includes; offering his head on laps for comfort, overs for deep sensory pressure, walking alongside a chair/pram and being there to help build confidence with his special person out in public.

Paddy is also undergoing training for seizure alert and is progressing well in this role. Paddy has alerted to both scent based (seizure odour clothing) and physical body motions. Paddy is now in the consolidation phase of his seizure based training.

Paddy can be very interactive and playful but will also enjoy just relaxing and snuggling at home with his new best friend and can’t wait to meet her! 🐾.

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