Graduates, Graduates 2020

I have the pleasure of introducing you to your new Smart Pups Assistance Dog Pedro.

Pedro is an extremely loveable and goofy lab! Pedro loves companionship and likes to be with his special person as much as possible. He is ready to devote all of his time to his new best friend.

Pedro likes to go with the flow and enjoys people watching while his humans have a coffee. He has his playful side as well and loves to get his energy out with a game of fetch (he is great at placing the slobbery ball/toy back in your hands).

Pedro’s skill set includes: laps, overs to give additional sensory pressure both proving comfort and support. Nuzzle to disrupt meltdown behaviors such as crying and being there to help build confidence with his special person out in public. Pedro is also working towards his road sense i.e stopping at roads before crossing. Pedro is great with his “leave it” command with birds.

Pedro also loves to show off his tricks like spin, speak, high five and shake.

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