Graduates, Graduates 2020

I have the pleasure of introducing you to your new Smart Pups Assistance Dog Rufus.

Rufus is a very relaxed, kind and loving Labrador. Rufus is very calm and has a good willingness to please his handler. Rufus is confident in a variety of public spaces including schools, bowling alley’s, arcades and shopping centres. Rufus is easily managed on lead and has a good level of obedience.

Rufus loves doing his tricks and this consist of: roll over, high-5, high-10, fist bump, shake, speak and his favorite trick being spin.

Rufus is trained in a variety of tasks to aid his person. He can apply deep pressure with ‘over’ and is very gentle with resting his head on his person in a ‘lap’. Rufus enjoys being close and has been trained to track if the need arises.

Rufus has very good behaviour in the home. He loves to relax and watch TV with his person. Rufus has won many hearts throughout his training journey

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