Scarlett and Elsie


Scarlett was born in 2007 and has Adrenal Insufficiency, quadriplegic Cerwbral Palsy and severe epilepsy; Elsie is a beautiful chocolate Labrador, D.O.B. 25/01/17.

Upon meeting Elsie, Scarlett squealed and giggled with joy with her eyes welling as she is non-verbal. Elsie was also very happy to meet Scarlett, having been trained using Scarlett’s T-Shirts, Elsie was already recognising her smell around the home prior them meeting.  They bonded nicely, with Elsie quickly learning the routine of jumping up onto the lounge or bed whenever Scarlett was up there, and now Scarlett is wanting Elsie at her side at all times.

Elsie is a happy and high-energy dog, who loves to be kept busy.  She is always on alert, keeping an eye on her people, and is also very affectionate and sweet-natured.  She loves doing task-specific training and ‘trots’ along when she is pleased with herself.   She loves to be around people, and is very smart, picking up new tasks easily.   She loves to have a good run around to release some energy, and loves retrieval.   Elsie has been trained in Mobility Assist- walking next to a wheelchair, retrieving dropped items, opening doors, cupboards, the fridge, and draws; assisting moving from one location to another with stand and brace.  Elsie is straight onto Scarlett’s meltdowns, happily jumping up for nuzzles.  She gives a nice ‘laps’ and they also like to play ‘Hide ‘n’ Seek’ in the home

Scarlett’s parents Lisa and Stephen said that they hadn’t seen Scarlett this happy in a very long time.   Elsie has given joy to the family by putting a smile on Scarlett’s face.   Scarlett now has her very own best-friend that will be by her side at all times.



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