William and Harley

William and Harley

Smart pup Harley joined our family a year ago and has changed our lives more than we even expected.

William who suffers from autism, SLD, extreme anxiety, epilepsy and memory issues was diagnose at the age of 3 and started a very intensive intervention program. At the age of 8 we heard of smart pups for children with autism and as Williams needs were increasing and all other therapies where plateauing we registered and started our journey.

Harley was selected by smart pups as the perfect choice for William and trained in all areas to help his boy.

Seizure response, tracking, calming, distraction and many others.

Upon placement their bond was instant and temperaments perfectly suited. Harley is calming and affectionate, gentle and responsive to Williams needs and emotional signals. His training in seizure response has been more than we could hope for and his calming effect and genuine concern for William has actually led to a decrease in seizures and an increase in recovery times.

Harley has alerted and kept William safe on several occasions even surprising medical staff by recognising a seizure 10 min before it began.

William with Harley at his side has begun to self moderate his anxiety in social situation and new experiences making him able to enjoy experiences which usually would lead to an emotional meltdown and exclusion.

There has been an increase in communication, behaviour, emotional responses and many other areas which impacted William.

we are only one year into our life with Harley and already family, friends and all involved with Williams care have seen the amazing impact Harley has had on not only William but our family as a whole.

William now has what was missing all those years. A best friend who understands him and can give him the comfort, confidence and courage to take on the world.

Thank you smart pups for bringing Harley into our lives.

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