Clause for a Bequest with a specific purpose

I give the bequeath to Smart Pups Assistance Dogs for Special Needs Children Inc. ABN 47 059 432 193 (“Smart Pups”) currently of 37 Mountain View Road, Pinbarren in the State of Queensland,

the sum of __________________(sum in words) $________________(sum in numbers

and I declare that the receipt of the treasurer or other proper officer for the time being of Smart Pups shall be a sufficient discharge for my Trustee an in making this bequest I express a charitable intention. I FURTHER DECLARE that if at my death Smart Pups has ceased to exist or has amalgamated with another organisation or has changed its name the bequest herein shall not fail but my Trustee shall pay it to the charitable organisation in Queensland which he or she considers most nearly fulfills the object that I intend to benefit.

I FURTHER EXPRESS MY WISH without intending to create any binding trust or legal obligation for Smart Pups to the use this gift towards ______________________(e.g. purchase of puppies) for the purpose of providing ________________ (puppies for the training program).

1) The gift should be specified in the will before the direction for disbursement of the residual estate.
2) If the bequeath is an item of specific property or the residue of the estate, please adjust the wording accordingly.

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