Miss Lulu

Miss Lulu

We are loving Lulu! She is just the most amazing, special girl and we are forever grateful to everyone at Smart Pups.

So, a little about Miss Lulu and Cody. Before Lulu, Cody was a 14 year old boy who would rarely engage with anyone in or out of the home, he was like a shell of a boy with not many words or emotions. Since Lulu, Cody has changed in so many ways… he laughs, he smiles, he plays, he goes to school, hospital appointments and all his therapies with a smile on his face. He asks every day if Lulu is his best friend and if she loves him. It makes all our hearts smile, everyone who knows Cody comments on the changes in him and that the smile he has on his face each day is because of Lulu. We never knew a dog could love the way Lulu does, unconditionally.

Lulu hasn’t only changed Cody’s life, she has changed all our lives, in more ways than we could ever have imagined! Cody’s two younger brothers suffer from severe anxiety (which has stemmed from seeing Cody in emergency situations and watching paramedics saving him more times than they should have ever seen). When they are worked up or they just need a cuddle and kiss Lulu is more than happy to oblige, she has an endless supply of love to give. As for Scott and I, well she has definitely brightened our lives for different reasons. What she has done for Cody gives us relief, simple things like laying with him on the couch, sleeping on his bed and watching him overnight (as you can see from one of the photos we have attached). Lulu does what we can’t, stays by his side overnight, being near him while he sleeps. Not only does Lulu alert to Cody’s seizures, she is so perfectly in tune with him, she has stepped into action when Cody has been upset, unwell or even just a little bit off, checking him, comforting him and making sure we know exactly what is going on. It’s truly amazing how a dog can make you feel calm, when Scott and I are feeling a little overwhelmed or down she brightens our day too.

We have never seen a dog that loves as much as Lulu does, she has so much love to give! She gets very excited at the simple, “Hi Lulu!” Her whole body wiggles but nothing more than her wiggly bottom and waggly tail (we get a lot comments on her excited tail wag when we are at appointments). Kisses, kisses and more kisses is definitely one of Lulu’s quirks. First thing in the morning Lulu runs out of Cody’s room to our room and runs straight to me and kisses me until I give Lulu her morning back scratch. Then she goes to Scott waiting for him to take her to the toilet and then she comes in and lays with Cody until breakfast, it’s a daily routine and Lulu loves routine (maybe not as much as a back scratch though!)

When Victoria continues to go in and out of lockdown, Cody and Lulu have had PLENTY of time to fall in love!

Again thank you to all for their help and support in training Lulu to be the perfect match for Cody.

Best friends for life.

Sharni Pinder

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  • Tracy Surace
    Posted at 13:28h, 10 August Reply

    That’s a fantastic story. You can certainly see the bond between them and the love that Lulu gives. She’s a very special part of all of your lives. Great work Smart Pups!

  • Erica
    Posted at 17:00h, 10 August Reply

    You guys are such a beautiful family and Miss Lulu is so lucky to have you as her family too. It was such a great pleasure working with you and I love hearing about your adventures and receiving updates. Cody and Miss Lulu are such a great match, with both having that cheeky side 🙂 Heres to many more years filled with joy and laughter!

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