Puppies on the loose

Puppies on the loose

This week at Smart Pups ….

We have all been a little stretched covering the training of each other’s dogs and ensuring the weekly food deliveries were made. Winter bugs have forced a few trainers to reluctantly rest, while three other trainers are away from base placing the next group of graduating dogs.

Yes! That’s three dogs graduating in one week.  For a small charity we sure do punch well above our weight! Three more families who can now begin to experience the amazing difference a Smart Pup can make. I am very much looking forward to sharing the stories of K pups, Kai, Kyra and Kevin in the upcoming weeks.

And now for a bit of fun here is a little video produced to salute the success of our K litter!

The success of the Smart Pup bred K litter highlights the value of our initiative to expand our own breeding program. A program which enables us to carefully select parents of sound temperament and proven working ability and then screen pups at an early age.

So with the three K dogs leaving us, three new faces arrived…and aren’t they the cutest faces! Meet the new K pups – Krystal, Koko and Kenzie. But these pups are not joining our trainee assistance dog team, instead they will be retained to expand our breeding kennels. Exciting times ahead!

Sharni Pinder

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