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Sometimes there is an opportunity to purchase a beautiful Smart Pup that for some reason we are not placing as an Assistance Dog. Not all pups want a career as a Smart Pup working dog and some would rather be an in home therapy dog or perhaps just a couch potato! These youngsters can make great pets or therapy dogs depending on their age and the training invested in them. We have done the hard yards! They are well socialised and toilet trained and generally have had good basic obedience. Note: Fabulousflunkies will not be certified for public access rights.

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Occasionally we will have qualified Smart Pups that have been certified but may get returned to us through no fault of their own. Family situations can change which may indicate that an assistance dog may no longer be required. These dogs are older and maybe suitable as PTSD Assistance Dogs, Professional Support Dogs or Emotional Support Dogs. Note: Our Boomerboomerang’s range in price up to $10,000.00

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