Mobility Assistance Dogs

Smart Pups Mobility Assistance Dogs give children independence, companionship and support.

We train our mobility dogs to perform tasks based upon the child’s specific needs, such as:

• Open and close doors, drawers, cupboards and fridge
• Act as a brace to assist with balance and maneuvering
• Retrieve dropped items or fetching specific items
• Turn lights on and off
• Press the button at the traffic lights
• Carry items
• Signal if their child is in danger

Girl in wheelchair with assistance dog

Having a loving Mobility Assistance Dog as a companion can help reduce a child’s anxiety levels and feelings of isolation, as well as boost self-esteem.

We train our Smart Pups to perform a number of simple, fun tricks to strengthen the bond between a child and their dog. Sharing these tricks with others can also help the child overcome social isolation by making social interactions a positive and fun experience

Smart Pups Mobility Assistance Dogs are also taught to comfort their child companion if they are in emotional distress or are just in need of affection. A Smart Pups Mobility Assistance Dog will become a child’s loving best friend to share their life and help them connect with their world.

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